Systemic Change

Our lives are interconnected and our greatest challenges are wicked. They exist across complex and adaptive systems, and there is no magic bullet. Our only choice if we want to make headway is to understand them as such and act systemically. 

Our founder, Michael Radke, has been exploring the systemic nature of social movements for over a decade. In that time he has come to know not only the logic and psychology of the way change happens, but also the intangible and unseen "soul" of change that lives within these systems. In that time he has also led several systemic efforts with notable results. 

At ION we weave our experience deploying social systems theory into everything we do. Whether it is knowing the tangential relationships to follow in our research, the big picture to plug into with your strategies, or where to find the greatest need for innovation, the system that created the problem is critical for finding the solution.