Our mission is to ensure that promising social initiatives reach their full impact potential.


Impact or Nothing 

Our name, ION, is derived from our relentless commitment to pragmatic social change. In that pursuit we carefully select the initiatives we work with for their commitment to making a sizable dent in large and critical social issues. We work with those who pursue ideals with prudence, practicality and respect; and put people, from stakeholders to beneficiaries, at the center of their process. Acknowledging that no cause is an island we design for meaningful and systemic change through strategic collaboration and collective impact strategies.

15 years of Success

We have studied and researched social change across the globe; we have worked with mission driven organizations in every hemisphere; we have helped launch brand new ventures and sunset organizations in victory; we have designed strategies to bring new solutions to the world and highly impactful organizations out of financial trouble.

Our passion is people

It isn’t the ends that push us to work each day. Its working alongside passionate, committed, and brilliant teams. Its knowing that we helped them in small ways and large, have a greater impact by integrating new design practices, or sustain their operations by balancing multiple bottom lines, or discover hidden potential within their organization. With each engagement we learn and grow our own practice, linking to new innovators, and adapting our own practices.