"The Journey Changes You, It Should Change You"

- Anthony Bourdain -


Our Programs

Our classes, workshops, and EXPERIENCES are designed to help you Change, accelerate, and leave your mark on a world that is in dire need of confident and competent leaders.


Coming Soon:

MAY 2018 - Systems-Thinking for the Social Sector: Designing Impactful Strategies


Master Classes for Individuals

programs for visionary leaders, designers,communicators, and DEVELOPMENT staff  

  • ImpactKit BootCamp
  • Communicating Systemic Impact
  • Tackling Complexity With Simplicity
  • Designing Systemic Ventures
  • Using Evidence In Systems Change
  • Seeding Alliances, Coalitions, & Movements
  • Systemic Impact Fundraising

Workshops for Organizations

Programs for innvoative non-profits, foundations, and social enterprises

  • Systems Thinking for the Social Sector
  • Understanding People, an Alternative to Diversity Training
  • Design Thinking for Nonprofits
  • Creating Systemic Philanthropic Portfolios
  • Designing Products and Services for Systemic Social Impact

Other Programs

If you can Imagine it, we can do it

  • Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Teacher Professional Development for Learning about Social Movements
  • Grantee Retreats
  • Using ImpactKit to Tackle a Specific Issue (e.g. The Environment, SDG’s, Poverty, Equity/Equality)


Our Approach to Workshops

Our programs increase your individual and organizational self-awareness, tone empathy muscles, help you articulate what it is you do, and create impact beyond your wildest dreams. We help you build the skills of design thinking, work with systems theory, and develop a mindset of human connection and understanding. They help you conquer complexity and increase your impact.


We are developing a credential through the Mozilla open badges protocol. Watch this space.