If you're going to try...go all the way


ION studios

ION studios is committed to helping teams around the world create systemic social impact through design, innovation, and strategy. We believe that by helping organizations achieve greatness in an era when nothing less will do, we can ensure a more just, sustainable, and enjoyable world for all.

How We Work

At the end of the day your work is about helping people, and ION studios takes a radically human approach to helping you do that better.

Our team balances a unique combination of academic and practical expertise to create deep understanding of people: the people you serve, the people you partner with, the people who fund your work, and YOU! We draw from methods and knowledge that come from Human-Centered-Design, the Social Sciences, Empathetic Research, and Storytelling to not only make sure we understand your people, but that you understand us.

Our team has developed a reputation for working with a deep sense of humanity; delivering an uncompromising seriousness of purpose, while injecting a cutting sense of humor and personality into our projects.