What is ImpactKit?

ImpactKit is a workshop in a box, designed to help change makers see the big picture. The kit provides three resources you need to explore, explain, and move to act: a deck of cards to tangibly manipulate the basic methods of social impact, a set of activities to guide your exploration, and an online resource to put your ideas into motion.


110 Cards

Distilled from over 2500 methods used in every sector to effect social change, our 110 methods appear on beautifully designed cards to help your team explore the potential and actual social impact of your business in a tactile and collaborative experience.


Online Database

Our cards extend their utility beyond just brainstorming. They are designed to move your team to action. The database gives you extended information about each of the methods including a more in depth description, minimum resources, common pitfalls and organizational examples.


Self-led Design Tools

The toolkit includes activities that are designed to be led by and for your team. The journey is as important as the destination, and the activities we've designed will not only help your team discover and communicate new ways to have impact on your cause, but in the process understand it much more clearly.



While the deck itself was created to plug into many different approaches to design, strategy, and research we have developed a simple methodology for getting started.


Immerse yourself in systems, search for unmet needs, and discover the nuance of the issue you are trying to address. 

Our Exploration exercises will help you bring new insights to the surface, opening up new paths to serving your community and stakeholders.


Design Big Ideas, Prototype for Practicality, and Build for Longevity.

Our creation exercises lead your team through an innovation workflow to build responsible, systemic, lasting interventions.


At the end of the day, the only ideas that matter are those that are delivered. 

Our implementation exercises will assist you in considering the practicalities of delivering, communicating and iterating on your concepts.

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A beautiful deck of cards, access to the accompanying website, and ten activities for putting the methods into motion. 

In small settings one deck of cards can easily work with 5-10 people. In larger groups we recommend one deck per 5. If you are planning to order more than 5 decks please contact us directly for bulk discounts.

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Extended Services

We use ImpactKit as a starting point for many of our consulting engagements, but we also offer ImpactKit specific services to organizations and groups

Design Workshops

We run full-day and multi-day design workshops for organizations, conferences, and schools to develop innovative concepts for addressing the most pressing needs of those they serve. 

Facilitation Training

We offer individual or group training on how to use ImpactKit for product/service design and organizational strategy, this training will help you integrate ImpactKit into your practice.

PD & Curriculum Integration

We deliver workshops to help you develop curriculum and pedagogy appropriate for your learners on topics like systems thinking, design thinking, social change, social impact, and the history of social movements.

 Custom Solutions

We can create custom decks and white label deployments specific to your organizations needs. If you can dream it, we can probably do it.