If you look at the science about what is happening on earth and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t understand the data. But if you meet the people who are working to restore this earth and the lives of the poor, and you aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a pulse.
— Paul Hawken

Social Impact & Social Change

For as long as we have been living in communities there have been good people working hard to make life better for all. Every age ushers in new challenges, but the soul of humanity persists, we are social creatures who genuinely want to make this world a better place. This is why your organization exists, and its why ION studios is here to help.



Our team has a particularly keen talent for designing explorations of extremely complex issues and translating those findings into action oriented insights for your team, and digestible information for your constituents. We work at the intersection of foresight, academic research, systems thinking, and information modeling to give you the depth and breadth to solve today's intractable problems and get ahead of tomorrow's pressing issues.


Our design work stems from the perspective that most social impact, at its core, comes from learning, and that learning is best accomplished through experience. To that end our design work draws heavily from experience design and learning theory. We design services, products and interventions that combine the idea that you need to teach a person to fish, but sometimes you have to fill their belly first.




After decades working with impact-driven organizations, we know one thing for sure: action without strategy has limited life and scale. The strategies we develop come from three primary principles honesty, intentionality and utility. We help you acknowledge the cold hard reality, create long-term plans for methodical and coordinated action, and always build toward bold pragmatic idealism.