Who We Work With

Our clients come to us from across the globe and lead some of the world's most innovative and ambitious nonprofits, NGOs, social enterprises, corporations, and government agencies. We have worked with organizations on six continents in over twenty countries, and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and adopt our methods for any environment or culture.


While we are excited to jump into projects at any stage or phase, our clients tend to come to us at two moments:

  • They've had immense early success, and now they need to go from creating impact for dozens to creating impact for thousands, tens of thousands or millions. We help teams in this position find the way to keep the magic that happens on a small scale and replicate it at ambitious, world-changing levels.
  • After decades of success leading their fields they have plateaued; maybe the context has changed, maybe the need has changed, or maybe they've just maximized what they always done can do. We help teams create innovative solutions, find hidden potential and build the capacity  to remain adaptable and cutting edge well into the future.